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Fixie Bike Fixed Gear Alloy Front Brake Caliper Right Lever Set-Silver
Key Features Forged body and improved pivot design enhance both power and modulation Barrel adjuster...
$20.98 $13.99
Bike Flexible Linear-pull Brake Guide Pipe Noodle for V-brake
Key Features For V-brake, available in 5 colours Made of anodized stainless steel (Anodizing increases...
$11.19 $6.99
Shimano SM-RT54 Center Lock Brake Rotor 160mm - Silver
Key Features Weight(g): Approx 170, 10% lighter than SM - RT53 Mount: Center lock Diameters:...
$16.99 $11.99
Shimano 180mm Front Disc Brake Mount Adapter with Bolts and Washers - Black
Key Features Interchangeable, precision engineered Post mount to IS standard for 180 mm front and...
$11.19 $8.39
70mm Bike Brake Pad Replacement Set of 2
Key Features Easy to install Eliminate brake squeal Available in 2 colours Height adjustment washer...
$22.38 $12.59