Shengshou Speed Cubes with Glossy Sticker

Shengshou Speed Cubes with Glossy Sticker

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  1. Turns Smoothly and Easily
    - Dual track design ensures will not easily get jammed and misaligned
    - Adjustable tension via spring to avoid inhibiting smooth and free movement
    - Pieces overlay tightly to avoid popping out 

  2. Made of ABS Plastic with PVC Sticker
    - High quality ABS plastic, safe to human and environmental friendly
    - Long lasting PVC glossy sticker, not easy to peel or fade
  • Compact and lightweight, portable handheld design
  • International standard 6 colors: white, orange, blue, yellow, green, red
  • Suitable for 8 years old or above
  • Package includes: 
    - Magic Cube x 1
    (Other accessories are not included)
  1. 6x6x6
    - Dimension (cm): 6.7(L) x 6.7(W) x 6.7(H)
    - Product Weight (kg): 0.24

  2. 7x7x7
    - Dimension (cm): 7.7(L) x 7.7(W) x 7.7(H)
    - Product Weight (kg): 0.35

  3. 8x8x8
    - Dimension (cm):8.3(L) x 8.3(W) x 8.3(H)
    - Product Weight (kg): 0.42

  4. 9x9x9
    - Dimension (cm): 9.2(L) x 9.2(W) x 9.2(H)
    - Product Weight (kg):0.55

  5. 10x10x10
    - Dimension (cm):10.2(L) x 10.2(W) x 10.2(H)
    - Product Weight (kg): 0.8

      This Shengshou Puzzle Cube with a great internal design and vibrant panels, moves smoothly and easily, great for novices and speed-cubers. This is an adjustable puzzle toys which middle square faces pop out and you can adjust the screws to make puzzle speed cube looser or tighter. You can choose a bit of tension, also can choose loose that the edges spin freely round at the slightest touch. It's a pleasure to manipulate. No stickers to peel off. Great brain teaser for the combination of training and entertainment.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Easy on the eyes, super smooth, and great price.

      Wow, this one surprised me right off the bat. The turning on this is impeccable. All the layers turn equally smooth and consistently. and of course, the colors are easy on the eyes and easy to differentiate. I actually recommended this to my friend and he bought and he said he liked it. For the price, it's a really good 7X7X7.

      Best larger cube on the market!

      This cube, and its 9x9x9 brother, is the best! Solidly constructed, no fear of popping out pieces. Initially turns a little stiff, but eases up quickly without ever becoming too loose. After testing the 8x8x8, I immediately got the 9x9x9 from the same maker. They figured it out, and I cannot wait for their 10 and 11 cubes!